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Mr. and Mrs. Brew is the brainchild of Rolilie Diaz who saw the need for a place in the neighborhood where people could socialize and interact, a place where students could study and a place where one could casually relax while enjoying a sip of coffee or even taking a meal. They also wanted to serve quality milk tea, using only ingredients from Taiwan -the origin of the Boba Tea. They demanded quality on everything – from purchasing supplies only from reputable local suppliers and those importing products from Taiwan to hygiene, service and customer interaction. With this vision and mission, Mr. and Mrs. Brew was born.

What's New

Christmas Party !

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE ! The staff and crew of Mr. and Mrs. Brew will be holding their Christmas Party on Monday, December 12, 2022 at

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All Souls Day Break

It’s that time of the year again when we gather together as families to honor our dearly departed loved ones. We prepare for a day

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Team Building

The team at Mr. and Mrs. Brew will be going to Subic, Zambales ! We work hard, we play hard ! Sun, Sand, and Palm

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Our Food & Safety Policy

"Our system of principles and guide"

We ensure that adequate health and hygiene procedures are implemented at our shops, including but not limited to safe practices for handling, preparing, storing and serving food as well as installing purifiers ensuring that only purified water goes into each and every drink that comes from our kitchen. 

We promote safe practices in relation to the handling of hot drinks on all our shops.

We educate all service users in the prevention of scalds and burns that can result from handling hot drinks.

Implementation of sanitary and health protocols as mandated by the government is strictly observed.

Our Core Values

"It's what we're made of"



All of our principles are anchored on integrity. Either we do it with integrity or we don't do it at all



We are passionate about providing quality food and service



We commit to serve only the best or serve nothing at all



We strive for excellence in everything we do. Continuous improvement is ingrained in our mindset.

They All Love Our Food and Drinks​

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