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Yes, we're bringing it back!
Mr. and Mrs. Brew's Loyalty Program is back and it's bigger !

For those who have been with us for a long time, you may recall that we used to have a Loyalty Program that gives members 1% of the purchase amount and this can be accumulated and redeemed whenever you want. However, when the pandemic struck, this program was discontinued.

But don’t fret ! The Loyalty Program is back and whatever points you have earned in the past is still intact and valid for redemption ! Also, the new program is giving you, our loyal customers, 3% instead of 1% ! So for every ₱100 purchase, you get ₱3 or 3 points !

So if you are a loyal customer and have earned points before, please approach our crew to verify your membership and points earned thus far. If you are new and wish to register, just ask our friendly crew to add you to our loyal members database and earn your points for every purchase.


To earn point for your purchase, you need to be registered as a member of our Loyalty Program. Registration is free so nothing to worry. Just fill up the Loyalty Card and hand it any of our friendly crew to enter your info in our database. Once done, our crew will hand you back your card. Whenever you make a purchase from our store, please present your loyalty card to any of our crew so that they can search for your record in our database and capture your purchase. Points will automatically be calculated for you depending on the value of your purchase. 


Redeeming points can be done in 3 easy steps:

  1. Approach our crew and tell them you want to know how much points you have earned. Give them either your name, email address, or contact number so that our crew may be able to search for your record.
  2. Once your record is found, our crew will tell you how much points you have on record and will ask you how much you want to redeem for the purchase you are currently doing.
  3. After telling them how much points (whole number only) you want to redeem, our crew will then punch it to include as discount on your bill and voila, you have redeemed the points you’ve earned !
What are you waiting for? Grab your Loyalty Cards while supply lasts and start earning points for redemption whenever you want ! Visit  Mr. and Mrs. brew today !
  1. Redemption can only be done in-store.
  2. SC/PWD discount is greater so no points to earn when claiming SC/PWD discount. However, points can be earned for those purchases made by without the SC/PWD discount.
  3. For promo purchases, customer may select whether to avail the promo or the points, but not both.
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