New Product – Concentrated Drinks

Introducing - Mr. and Mrs. Brew's Bottled Concentrated Drinks !

Have you ever kept your iced drinks for long only to find out that its taste is already diluted because the ice have already melted? Need to drink your milk tea right away because its taste is going to be flat? Can’t bring your iced coffee to the office because it would wet your bag?

Don’t fret ! We got you covered. You can now bring your drinks anywhere you want without worrying its taste is going to be diluted. And your bag won’t get wet too ! You won’t need to drink it right away and you can wait until you’ve reached home or office. It’s economical too ! One 350ml of concentrated drink will give you two glasses. Just pour over ice and enjoy !

Starting May 24, 2021, these handy drinks will be available at Mr. and Mrs. Brew, both in-store and online. Pass by and grab a few or place your order online at www.mrandmrsbrew.com.

We make them fresh everyday for you !

N.B. Consume within the day of purchase for absolute freshness!

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